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Friday, 3 August 2007

My apologies to cheese

A few months ago I posted a scathing review of cheese, claiming cheese hangovers were sweeping the globe, causing havoc.

I still stand by some of what was said then. Cheese is fantastic, and it brightens up every meal, and goes with things as varied as christmas cake, apples (especially on cocktail sticks), ham, pasta and brown sauce (although brown sauce goes with everything, so it's hard to say which effect is stronger)

Some cheese is best on its own -like y fenni, which has mustard seeds in it- but some is better with other things, like gruyere. A cheese and wine party needs experts in both cheese and wine, because there are equal amounts to know about each.

But the issue of cheese hangovers was not well-founded. These last weeks I have had cheese almost every lunchtime, and I have the hangover effect after sandwiches, but not potatoes, so it is the bread effect that makes you sleep, feel headachy and generally horrible. Apparently cheese does make you have vivid dreams or nightmares, but I don't think it makes many people become comatose for several hours at a time, so... sorry cheese, I hope your reputation has not been sullied too badly by this slander (or actually it is probably libel)

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