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Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Cheese - the good and the bad

Most people I know, know that I love cheese. Almost all kinds of cheese are really great. You can eat cheese with almost anything. In first year we had a cheese party, where everyone brought a cheese whose name had the same initial letter as their name. It was a great success, although the smell lingered there for around a couple of weeks after the event.
Anyway, I am telling you all this because I have been disappointed with cheese in the last couple of days. I have had lots of cheese sandwiches for lunch, and they just send me to sleep and give me a headache for the afternoon. I need to experiment and find out whether cheese is the cause as opposed to bread, or just eating lunch, but at the moment it is very disappointing for me.
For your information, the cheese of choice today is a "slow matured" west country farmhouse cheddar.

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Volatile Intellect said...


I'm working in India at the moment, a place where cheese is non-existant. All 6 volunteers fantasise about the stuff, every night, as we eat daal and roti and potato curry.

And you had to remind me about it at the start of the day, too. Thanks!