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Thursday, 28 June 2007

Good lyrics: Hefner

Hefner's music is not always the best in the world... but it's certainly worth listening to because the lyrics are pretty good. This particular song is not especially important to me right now, so don't read anything into it, but it has struck a chord in the past, so maybe it will for you:

To Hide A Little Thought
I tried to hide a little thought
The more I tried the worse things got
It started out so meek and small
But in a wink pervaded all (I thought the work was week, but I guess wink fits too)

Just a stray little stray, stray, stray
By tryin' to hide if I'd asked it to stay
By tryin' to hide if I'd made it a bed
from which to rule the world unsaid

To hide a little thought
A little vagabond
A sprite in the dark
that wouldn't move along

Many thoughts they come and go
This too shall pass, she'll never know
But since my way is bold and free
She noticed somethin' strange in me

Maybe my voice speeded up or slowed down
Maybe my eyes started dartin' around
Maybe my hands started coverin' my face
Maybe I rambled all over the place

To hide a little thought
A little vagabond
A sprite in the dark
that wouldn't move along

I don't say each thing on my mind
To say each thing would be unkind
But with someone I know so well
it's so unlike me not to tell

Usually I like confrontations, I do
I get this thrill out of sayin' what's true
I look so lifeless when I try to lie
That's why it's easy to tell when I try

To hide a little thought
A little vagabond
A sprite in the dark
That wouldn't move along

Monday, 18 June 2007

An exceptional time

I really want to blog, it's quite addictive, you see.

I could write a blog about what a fantastic time I have had over the last week. I could tell you about the feeling of exams being over, of seeing Polysics (which was the most crazy and amazing gig ever, and which has made me find every far eastern girl look spontaneously attractive just by the association with it), of punting, of parties, of new friends, old friends, friends becoming closer friends, of tea, chats, jokes, stories, traditions, birthdays, cakes, exam results, family, G&T, wine, beer, pimms, food, Vimto, the list goes on... yes, it's been a good week.

I could also write a really sad, depressing entry, about the year coming to an end, about how everyone else is in couples except me, about the time being too short to get everything done, about houses, jobs and the passage of time: or about people who are always bitching or grumpy, distant or inconsiderate.

But the truth is that none of this makes very good reading. You wouldn't actually want to hear me going "yeah, the whole week's been great, bet you wish you were here", or "the world's coming to an end".

Instead I'll tell you about some new music that I can recommend to you (apart from Polysics):
The Cinematic Orchestra do amazing, relaxed jazz which sounds like your favourite, thick chocolate.
Dizzee Rascal has a new album and is still doing his feel-good, silly rap. I don't like rap, but if it's going to be this funny and still done by someone with enough talent to make it bearable, then I'll enjoy it - i guess it's more like smarties.
Scissor Sisters are not a new band, but they do cheesy, fun music with such aplomb and style that it's great! Maybe this is the equivalent of Cadbury's?
That's about it for now, but I am still listening to a lot of the cardigans, zero 7, gilles peterson, moby, athlete and muse, and I hope you are too.

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

The two people left when everyone else is already in pairs

Do you ever look round a group of people and mentally pair them all off with each other, and then see who you're left with? Maybe it's just me. It's probably just me. For example: there are six people, two of whom are already going out, and another two are flirting, so obviously you are left with the one remaining person. The problem is that I always seem to end up with people I'd rather not be paired up with... I suppose it is sometimes men, so that reduces the chance of a happy pairing!

Anyway, I'll stop this discussion, I'm probably sounding more and more peculiar in the head.

Saturday, 9 June 2007

Update on previous entries

Firstly, the book about the English mentioned in "Das Klassensystem in England" was probably "Watching the English" by Kate Fox. I haven't read it, but it sounds like it analyses English or British behaviour in an entertaining way, telling you things that you kind-of knew before but hadn't ever realised or analysed.

Secondly, I can update you on the squirrel from "Seed Protection". I thought I had beaten it and saved some nuts for the birds, but a few days after the last post, it got its revenge. I had been out in town and came back to find the feeder on the ground in tatters. It had been gnawed away quite considerably, and was in 3 pieces, with the cord used to tie it to the tree also severed. I would have liked to see the shock on its face when the feeder fell out of the tree, probably with the squirrel attached. But ultimately it won and I can tell you that I won't be messing with squirrels again any time soon

Monday, 4 June 2007

Advice #9

Don't pop your clogs

They are liable to stay popped, and they may even snap when you are trying to pop them back. After all, wood is a lot more brittle when it is dried and in clog form, than when it is in a tree.


For your information: the phrase "to pop one's clogs" comes from a time when your clogs were your most important possession, so to "pop" them (meaning to pawn them) is something that only someone on their deathbed would do.