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Monday, 27 August 2007

Cardigans Update - Greatest Hits Compilation coming soon

I feel it is important to tell you about the Cardigans, because otherwise you might think they don't exist. After all, sacking their producer for their 2003 album Long Gone Before Daylight was promotional suicide for them, as nobody pushed the album for the radio. Their best piece of work was lost to the mass market. By the time their next (and most recent) album Super Extra Gravity came out, everyone had forgotten about the cardigans and weren't interested in hearing their new sound. After all, the band came a long way from Lovefool in 1997 and My Favourite Game in 1998.

The latest news is that the band are still separated by the Atlantic because Nina is doing her solo project A Camp. I got a copy of the first A Camp album, and it is great! The songs somehow don't seem as creative musically or lyrically as the Cardigans, but they are still very good and worthy of Nina. Having played a couple of gigs in the US, it seems like A Camp will be releasing another album soon, but no news as yet on that.

In the meantime Magnus and Peter have met to discuss making some more music together. I'm sure they would prefer to have Nina with them, but they are keen to make music, and I am glad that they aren't going to forget the whole thing. As recently as the 15th August Magnus said "we are are still alive as a band" on the website, so I don't think we need to worry about the splitting up quite yet.

As I say, though, the label decide everything for the band, and have decided to produce a greatest hits compilation. News on this has been appearing on the website drop-wise through the ask the band section. It will NOT be called Greatest Hits, Magnus assures us.

The format will be three or four songs from each album, ordered chronologically. I think it is better to order them this way simply because their style of music has changed a lot through the last 13 years since their first album was released. So far, a release-date has not been set (rumours say 5th November) but October or November is likely. The tracklisting has also not been released, but there will be a main CD including the best songs, and then a special edition will contain a second CD with rare B-sides. Songs known to be included are:

CD 1:
NOT Your New Cuckoo

CD 2:
Happy Meal 1
For The Boys
Songs written and recorded for A Life Less Ordinary and X-Files

My ideal tracklisting (including what is already confirmed to be included) would be:
1. Rise and Shine
2. Black Letter Day
3. Cloudy Sky
4. Carnival
5. Travelling With Charlie
6. Beautiful One
7. Lovefool
8. Happy Meal II
9. Losers
10.My Favourite Game
11.Hanging Around
14.For What It's Worth
15.Please Sister
16.03:45 No Sleep
17.And Then You Kissed Me
18.And Then You Kissed Me II
19.I Need Some Fine Wine And You, You Need To Be Nicer
20.Don't Blame Your Daughter (Diamonds)
21.Little Black Cloud

22 tracks is a bit hopeful, but I have already left out Erase/Rewind and others, so I'll leave it at that! I'll post the actual track-listing when I get it

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