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Tuesday, 28 August 2007

The weekend just gone

Good weekend! I went to Duncan's birthday party, at his house. His university friends were there, who I had already met, but nobody who I knew very well, so I was worried it would be a bit awkward. But in the actuality of it all, it appears that I just reached the point of feeling completely at home with them all, and not feeling like an outsider (albeit a newby). Seeing Duncan and having a proper chat with him about the past present and future was very special too. So it was a lovely evening, and instead of going to bed early as I could have done if it were boring, I stayed up until the last people slept at almost 5am.

The journey back on sunday evening was typical of a sunday night, with delays, cancellations and rail replacement buses all in one evening. I don't mind dozing in a bus though, and I love night-time bus journeys.

Then today Wicko came to visit and we played snooker, ate out, watched a film, in short, it was good to catch up, hear his news, see an old friend and do fun things for a day.
Bank holidays are a great idea!

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