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Monday, 30 April 2007

A drinking schedule

You probably realised this a long time ago, so I apologise for boring you; but if you didn't know this, maybe you'll be interested as I was.

English people (maybe others too) have a very precise timetable for drinking their daily caffeine. Many people who I have asked have told me that the follwing is their daily routine, so if anyone says "do you want a cup of tea or coffee?", then they will always know the answer without thinking.

When you wake up: tea
The rest of the morning: coffee
Immediately after lunch: coffee
The rest of the afternoon: tea
After dinner: coffee
The rest of the evening: varies I think, it's unusual to have coffee late at night, so maybe a tea or even a fruit tea, though I may be wrong

Having found this from many people, I remembered that in the materials department, they sell coffee in the morning (unless you ask for tea, as I do) and tea in the afternoon, which backs up my findings.

Is the system I have described accurate or complete? Please send you comments and corrections, as I am not sure

I am weird on this score... I only drink tea anyway, so I never have to choose!

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rakie_love said...

that is an interesting observation, i like it.

At work people often drink coffee all afternoon too because they get tired and bored, but if people aren't tired i think it is usual to drink tea. If you didn't how else could you have afternoon tea? Coffee is a traditional after dinner drink, but if you want to go to bed anytime soon after i guess not. Maybe ask Duncan, as he seems an expert on these sorts of things...

Since being at Cam i have gotten into tea quite a lot. Especially Clipper Chai tea, which is amazing. I love cinnamon. The health food shop sells lots of really great yogi teas too... mmm tea tea tea.

In my house my Dad is obsessed with coffee, so we drink it all the time. But not for it's awakening properties, but because it is so amazing, apparently. Saying that, my Dad does make awesome coffee.