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Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Advice #5

Look before you leap

Actually, if you want an interesting life, don't look every now and again and see what happens


Rachel said...

i really like the background of your blog a lot, being a big fan of oranges, but it makes me feel like my head is on wonky. i think this is because of the sloping lines and the fact that in your photo you are also leaning the same direction. it's like an optical illusion and a blog on a boat. i found myself subconciously tilting my head to line up with the stripes, whilst trying to read the vertical lines of text, which subsequently felt wonky, even though they are not. that's pretty cool really.

- rakie (sorry i couldn't sign into my blogger thingie for FOTT because it wouldn't work)

Rachel said...

no horizontal. see i have lost all sense of direction.... :P