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Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Cardigans Update

It emerged on the Cardigans website that the band have postponed work on a new album indefinitely because Nina does not want to do it. I am very disappointed about that, considering that their last two albums have been very special and it would be nice to see the band progress further.

Magnus (the bassist) writes an "Ask the band" section on their website and made the announcement on the 11th of this month. Obviously any comments are from his side of things, and there have been arguments between Nina and Magnus before, notably that they both wanted to write lyrics for the songs on Gran Turismo. But I believe they have been on good terms for a few years now so the news should be reliable from Magnus.

The details from Nina's point of view are that she would like some time off and may even record an album with her solo project "A Camp", which produced an album in 2001, also called "A Camp". I have not heard the whole album, but I believe it carries on the progression between the spooky Gran Turismo and the more relaxed, country-music-influenced Long Gone Before Daylight. Anyway, recently Nina has been very busy. She had an acting role in the film "Om Gud Vill" (God Willing) last year, has done several fundraisers, has featured in the next Manic Street Preachers single called "Your Love Alone Is Not Enough" (out on April 30th) and has done a book reading of one of her favourite books ("the 1978 feminist classic "Crème Fraîche" by Danish author Suzanne Brøgger" - I quote the cardigans website). She has achieved all this since last year (they toured for their last album until the Autumn).

The rest of the band were ready to start rehearsing and recording, so I guess they are as disappointed as me. They all have lives and families though, so they'll find things to do. Magnus has his solo project Righteous Boy to continue if he wants to.

Maybe a longer break will make them fresh again to change their style as they have done throughout their careers. I'm still looking forward to the next album, and hoping there will be one.

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