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Sunday, 11 March 2007

The Real World

Without wanting to imply that I do not always live in the real world, some people I know from outside university came yesterday, and I remembered that there is a "real world" out there. Such a relief! Living in a university is a little bubble and when you try to get out, it just get reflected back in by sharing the experience with friends. Boy george (an old schoolfriend, who is a pretty funky fellow) came over on Friday and we sat and chatted about the old days and the new days and even the days to come, while burning marshmallows in candle, being careful not to set the fire alarm off. Then my family came down and took me out for a nice meal and things. Talking about things at home, like people in the village, is not so exciting when you live there. But to escape my little bubble and think about my home-bubble was great. Does everyone live in a bubble (or maybe two bubbles) or is there actually a real world out there? And do I want to find it, or shall I just swap bubbles just to keep it interesting? Maybe the "real world" only exists for people who are continuously swapping bubbles, so don't notice they are in a bubble at all.

mmm soapy

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Rachel said...

Nice picture! I worked out why your blog always looks odd to me - there isn't a title at the top. Did you do that on purpose, for Style?

Glad you got to go punting again. I'm in complete agreement with your preferred place in the boat!! I should be in lectures tomorrow, touch wood, I'm feeling loads better now.

As for the bubbles, I think you're right. Everywhere I go I find myself in one. I seem to be very prone to them. Maybe some people's bubbles are just slightly bigger than others'?