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Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Diary Entry

To stop myself getting all philosophical every time I write a post, I am putting a general diary entry in:
When I was on my own on Sunday, I got all grumpy and could not shake it off. I hope I didn't annoy anyone with all of my moaning about work and other things, but everything was going wrong. I was stressing about work, future plans, girl stuff and other friend stuff, and it all added up to something horrible. At midday today I was ready to cry (and carefully selecting a shoulder to cry on should the need arise).
Then I got some work right and gave blood and suddenly life was dandy again. And to make it even better, I had tea with materials-duncan at the most amazing tea shop which has opened between the Arts' Theatre and the Market in the town centre. It has over 100 types of tea, and so far I have had 8, and tried others when I go with friends. They are all amazing, and they come in a pot that needs "plunging" to keep it from brewing too much and it is all very civilised. I feel a little less civilised after asking to bring in hot food the other day (apparently the smell is very annoying to other people and it stops them enjoying their tea, so it's a no) but it is an amazing shop and it even has nice cakes too.
This evening I saw clare (my ex) and it was all very pleasant. She came to work on my computer and we were very sociable, I am so glad we still get on, even though we didn't for several months after splitting up last year. And I am learning all about fusion reactors, which is fascinating!
So the week can continue, happy again, as it should be!

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