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Monday, 19 March 2007


I had been reminiscing about the "good-old days" and being friendless and name-called at the age of 12. It seems like everyone else around had been bullied more recently than that, so I don't know whether it says more about me or them. Anyway, people are so bloody friendly round here that you can be a prick and nobody will even tell you to shut up... in short, I like to have a bit of nastiness just as an incentive for everyone to become a better person. Not too much nastiness though, that would be depressing, but just a bit.
We had a pirate party on Saturday. Don't ask why, it will be hard to explain and you wouldn't like it even if I did tell you. But while I was getting drunk I met someone who was really good at being nasty. I was (i hope) equally nasty back, and it was banter the way it should be, the kind where it's all very funny, but neither is sure whether the other is actually nice at all. And I feel a lot better for it. Admittedly I didn't feel better recovering from the hangover on Sunday, but that was the fault of the rum, not the rudeness. All in all, the party was very fun, with straw on the floor to make it more like a tavern and lots of pirates going "yarrrrgh" all night, so don that stripy shirt, britches, boots, and a silly hat and become a pirate!

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