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Saturday, 24 February 2007

This is Roz

I have just had a phone call from my sister in Senegal. She is there for a few months in her gap year before university, so I haven't seen her since January. She is the person who I am closest to, so it was really nice to speak to her again after so long. We have sent occasional emails, but it' not the same without actually talking. She is called Roz and we recognise each other's thoughts and feelings really well. There have been problems at home when she doesn't express herself very well to the family and there are arguments, so I try to let them know what she is feeling, because they aren't very good at guessing. She's almost three years younger than me. In terms of our interests, we are quite different. She likes dancing and did a lot of ballet when she was younger, and loves musicals, which I can't stand! I like football and science, and she... doesn't. We don't tell each other everything, that would be unnecessary, but I wouldn't hold back from telling her anything. In Senegal she's teaching English for three months and learning French (so she can study it at university, along with history) and then she's going to Boivia for 6 months to learn spanish too. Anyway, I'll probably mention her again, so I thought I should let you know what she is like. She's quiet, short (and we love to tease her at home for it), disorganised, kind, thoughtful, artistic and indecisive. And she looks like me.

*Further to the post about mugs before, I have sent a message to the girl in question, so I'll let you know what happens*

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Rachel said...

And she looks like me

But presumably without the spiffing beard!