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Monday, 12 February 2007

This is a blog

Hello blog-fans,

I told myself many moons ago that I would never write a blog. Then I started this one. I'm not deliberately contrary; well, sometimes I am, but not usually to myself, that's a bit unproductive. Anyway, this girl told me I should. She's called Rachel and she has cool hair today, because she dyed it pink yesterday. She has had a blog for a long time, and she does Materials, making her automatically pretty funky.So this is the first of many posts I suppose, but I'm keeping them short and pointless, so just you remember that.


Rachel said...

Haha, first comment! Thank you for the link. I shall return the favour - keep blogging! :D

Ed said...

And if it helps, she makes loads of people do stuff they said they never would.

She once made our brother eat loads of playdough, for example.

Blog on, sir!