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Monday, 3 May 2010

Cycling less

I didn't actually cycle the morning after my last post on this topic, but I did cycle on Wednesday and Thursday, so I'm making progress. Don't tell ANYONE that I am this sad, but I have been keeping track of my morals and here's one in graphical form:

There are so many good excuses for not cycling... being tired, wind, having a broken bike, snow, being late, need to drive around during work hours, not remembering whether I'm going to need to drive around during work hours, rain, need to drive after work. And the list gets bigger the longer I have the car. I can have excuses every day!! This didn't happen before I had a car!

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Rachel said...

Yikes. This series of posts is definitely increasing my resolve not to get a car! Of course making this possible will involve a lot of decisions and planning in the future, as I move around to other cities, get different jobs, maybe have kids and so on. I hope I can keep it up, and I cheer you on in keeping up cycling despite having the demon temptation parked outside your house!

I love your graph. We am equally sad :).