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Monday, 26 April 2010

The End of Morals

Leaving University and moving to The North has done nothing good for my morals.

Particularly environmental ones. In the last year, I have started eating more meat, started printing e-mails, flown all round the world (particularly on my trip to America and Barbados) and bought a car.

I really bought the car with good intentions. I was only going to use it when cycling, walking, trains and buses weren't good enough to get where I wanted to go. In the end though, I have been using the car a lot of the time and have hardly cycled to work at all this year, getting worse and worse. Now I have got my bike fixed, I need to use it. But I'm not sure if I have the willpower. I suppose I'll find out tomorrow motning...

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Rachel said...

So did you drive or cycle this morning?

I agree that it's a lot harder to be environmentally good outside of uni :(. I am still cycling to work or taking the bus, but work is about to send me to the US for the second time and they'd quite like it if I learnt to drive as well.