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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Tea News

First Class Teas has disappeared completely. Its shop closed on 23rd December last year and I went to visit them on their second-to-last trading day. It was sad to see the shop getting ready to close from lack of custom, when they are a rare shop in actually caring about tea and about drinkers of tea. After that date it functioned as a mail-order tea company that I bought from a couple of times. They had amazing tea at very good prices. There are some teas that I will miss greatly - I'm not sure how to replace the "Cambridge Summer Blend" that is a favourite amongst my friends, for example.

I visited the website just now and discovered that it has gone. Tragedy. I'm sure the Materials Possy and others who have experienced First Class Teas will join me in a little moment of contemplation at this time of sadness

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roz said...

hey dude, come to france! there are so many tea shops, i think that you would be happy :-) xxx