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Sunday, 27 July 2008

That'll tell them!

I won't stand for any more dilly-dallying with your higgledy piggledy jiggery pokery round here, thank you very much

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Rachel said...

Hello John! I'm so far failing at correspondence with you. And this is why I'm not communicating in other ways - I'm too embarrassed. This is very stupid. Sorry. I did try to email you the other day to say that! But then the email wouldn't go through. Grr. Do I have your non-Universityland address? Is it the obvious at This is the email that I tried to send and couldn't:

Dear John, I'm not ignoring you, I'm jsut embarrassed that it's taken
so long to write your letter. I have been writing it on and off for
weeks now but it never gets finished! I forgot that letters were like
that. It will be done soon and then we can start communicating
properly again :P. I miss you and Cambridge, even though there are
good things and people here too ... Luckily I have stopped getting
Dave mixed up with you now, so perhaps it's a good thing that we don't
see much of each other!

I hope your shredding is either over soon or suddenly much more
exciting. How is your job going? Mine is still nonexistent although in
a month I might get some money from the govt. for being unemployed.

Right, off now for dinner ... I have "vegan fish-style fingers" and
I'm very excited about them and what they will taste of. Excited and
scared. Talk to you soon!


I have an interview tomorrow at a Famous Sandwich Chain. How's your jobhunting going? Are you going to be a stratistician? I really hope you are.

I'll send that letter soon, honest!