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Saturday, 19 January 2008

Tick tick tick tick tick tick BOOM!

Time scares me. Losing time scares me, and losing time without being in control scares me the most. This manifests itself in many ways.

1) Unless I really have to, I don't embark on anything that I can't duck out of after 10 minutes and decide to use my time differently.
2) I don't use my time well. I sit for hours doing nothing and often get to the end of the day and realise that my whole day has been unfulfilling in every way, and been boring to boot. I'd prefer to waste time, watching the sand flow through the hourglass than use it properly and take my eye off the ball.
3) I don't plan my time well, use a calender or diary only sporadically and frequently miss things and make mistakes as a consequence.

I'm not sure how to beat it though, but I need to if I'm gonna get a degree and a job and not end up as a pauper (thanks to verticalblue for telling me about the pauper part of this terrible scenario)

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