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Sunday, 27 January 2008

Breaking News: The Cardigans Do *Not* Like Tea!

I wrote to the Cardigans at 2am this morning, and have already had a response. It was from the bassist Magnus as it always is, and it answers the long debated question, do the Cardigans drink tea?

Hej Mags,
I have two questions for you on this chilly evening, one more serious than the other:
1) Do you have any idea about the release dates for the Best of? HMV is convinced that it is not released until March 3rd for some reason (so I didn't bother ordering today) and every website says something else. I know you have been told the date is 28th Jan in UK, but you probably know, is there normally a difference in release date depending on the record store?
2) Are you Cardigans tea-drinkers when not on the wine? [My friends think I'm obsessed with your music and with tea, so I wondered if they were linked somehow!] And if so, what is your favourite tea?
I really appreciate all the answers to fans in this place, it's wonderful
grinnyguy, 2008-01-27 02:07:35


It shouldn´t depend on the record store, but different countries might have different release dates. March sounds very late to me. If so, Universal UK will have problems with imports from EU and why should they risk that? That´s exactly why they´ve demended bonus tracks on the last two albums, since UK albums are more expensive than Dutch for instance. Hmm... Why not order it from to be sure? All Amazon sites have got the same structure so you can order stuff even if you don´t know the language, I am a regular on their French site and I don´t know shit French! ;-)

We´re not big tea drinkers really, but I guess it goes well with our music.
As we say in Sweden, " taste is like the ass, split..." ;-)

MagnusS, 2008-01-27 09:16:12

Shame even Magnus doesn't know when his record is coming out

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