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Friday, 20 July 2007

Big child or young adult?

There are very few photos on here so far, so I thought I'd add one. It comes from a ball I went to last month, and I spent quite a long time on this ride, enough to feel just a little bit ill by the end!

I'm going to live near a kiddies' playpark from september, and I can't wait to go on the swings after dark (in the evening so I don't scare away little kids when I use their swings in the daytime). I love swings... they can be exciting and fun, or a quiet and reflective activity, or just a place to chat to friends, they are great!

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Rachel said...

:D I'm so happy you posted this now, it's a strange coincidence with my last post in fact. When I get my next film developed there will be black-and-white pics of me and Sarah on a very neat kids' climbing frame in Bath! (Also I'll be coming to visit you lots after dark next term.)