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Wednesday, 9 May 2007

what a waste of time

Further to the post below:
Yes, I'm still not working, how terrible am I?!

Anyway, I did a quiz and it got me just right, although I was a bit surprised it did. Have a go, see if it works for you. Maybe it's a good quiz, but maybe it didn't even get me right, just got my perception of myself down to a tee.


Rachel said...

Well, I don't know if it got me right either, but it got my perception of myself for sure!

I'm sorry your week has been so up and down. I've hardly seen you this week, although it feels like it's gone on forever - even Sunday night formal feels like a week ago, not just three days! Will you be in the department tomorrow? I'm going to try to spend all day there, fingers crossed.

rakie_love said...

hello there. sorry for confusingness! i suppose things that seem clear to me only do because i already know them. so i guess it was not at all obvious who on earth i (the internet presence) is...

so my blog is "fall out the tree". it used to be called "like a figment of your imagination" but i changed it to fall out the tree to match the blog address. but i don't know why i bothered because only four people know of my blog (including lucky you, ha) so it's not like i'm expecting random people to need to be able to find it easily...

anyhow. blogger screwed me over because i had an old blogger account and not a google one. so my username started off as rakie_love, and then turned into fall_out_the_tree for a while. and then just rachel, as for some reason it thought that was my name (pff. that is only my name in real life, on the internet i am just rakie) and then i evnetually was forced to turn my blog into a google blog and i managed to get my name back to rakie_love (i hope). so i am rakie when refered to by rachel knowler and tree girl when referred by colin leung

thank you for your congratulations!

i gave rachel knowler a pen/fan/flashing light thingie once. i thought it was AMAZING as i love lights sound and movement, all at once. i think you may be less of a, err, fan. :D

rakie xx

John said...

It was surprisingly accurate considering there was only one question.