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Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Diary Entry

I have had a bit of a rollercoaster of a week (the last 7 days, not just since Monday) so I'm feeling a bit drained. Life is very stressful at the moment, for many many reasons. Some of the things that have happened this week have been good; I spent a very pleasant evening with Clare the other day. I exchanged a couple of very pleasant e-mails with a friend who I haven't spoken to properly for a while. I won a game of chess. I did a small amount of work successfully. I saw my family at the weekend. I had a really nice music rehearsal last Thursday.

Don't get me started on the bad things.

I was pleased to see a UN report on the risks of using biofuels. I have been skeptical of them for a while but not really known why. I suppose it is because it is still something that burns fuel and puts the carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Anyway, I'm sure they will not be a major solution to our environmental problems.

I must get on. I have a ridiculous amount of work due in, because two supervisors have imposed short deadlines at once. Just another bad thing for the list.

Sorry for the boring post, next time will be fascinating I'm sure. Or something

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