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Sunday, 15 February 2009

Bouncey Invigoration

Having mentioned invigoration last week I thought I should comment another source of invigoration that I was involved in last week. I went to see a Reel Big Fish concert. It's amazingly uplifting music, and great to bounce around to. For those who don't know, Reel Big Fish are a ska band, or maybe it's best to describe it as ska punk. I don't understand the classification system very well, but when I have described it to people since the concert I have described it as "really really fast punky reggae" or alternatively, "fast happy music with guitars and trumpets". Anyway, it's the stuff you should listen to if you're a teenager, and if you're no longer than a teenager, then it will remind you of being a teenager and how great it was. It's not like listening to Blink 182, that kind of fades with age and makes you feel old: no, ska music drags you back and makes you young!

Working on shifts as I was this week, I had a night free for the concert and didn't have to go to work until night-time the following day, so I could have a few beers (of extraordinarily high quality from an obscenely nice pub), bounce around til I broke my glasses, stay up late and still not feel guilty. One thing to bear in mind about going to an incredibly bouncy gig and bouncing in a dance floor with hundreds of teenagers, is that it's sweaty. Very sweaty. And worth it

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