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Saturday, 13 December 2008

Sports Personality of the Year 08

I started writing about Sports Personality of the Year, hoping to discuss it before the final votes were cast, but I have had a busy weekend and missed out. Here's what I started to write, before I tell you the result and my reaction...

This is an interesting year for sports personality of the year contest. For once, we have a number of contenders, who have proved themselves to be the best at their sport. The contenders are:

Rebecca Adlington - swimmer
Ben Ainslie - canoeist
Joe Calzaghe - boxer
Nicole Cooke - cyclist
Lewis Hamilton - racing driver
Chris Hoy - cyclist
Andy Murray - tennis player
Christine Ohuruogu - runner
Rebecca Romero - cyclist
Bradley Wiggins - cyclist

Every one of them has won either Olympic gold medals or has become World Champion, or some equivalent.

It really was a fantastic line-up. Rebecca Romero won an Olympic gold in cycling, having done it in rowing before. Christine Ohuruogo proved how good she is, and silenced those who thought she may have been a drug-taker after missing a few tests. Joe Calzaghe won another big fight to show he's the best fighter around. For personalities, Rebecca Adlington was hilarious having won two golds in the pool, but Lewis Hamilton can get a bit too competitive to the point of not being gracious

The winner was CHRIS HOY. I'm not just saying it because he has won but he was my choice. If you want to see a nice guy interviewed, watch him. He has a young family and is really down-to-earth, playing the father role in the Beijing Olympics to our other cyclists and the other althletes too. He's calm and collected, and speaks well, setting an example for footballers everywhere. He really is a gentleman. And even more than anyone else, he completely dominated his events. I have never seen such inevitable races, he was unstoppable. He could start from in front or behind, because once he got his legs going (as wide as my waist) he just went away from the opposition. He was as dominant as Phelps was in the swimming pool. A worthy winner. I hope you agree... please tell me if not

[sadly I didn't see the programme, but I was glued to Steve Davis vs Ding Jun Hui in the UK Championships. Snooker is back on, and I'm hooked already. Steve's 2-1 up, come on mate!]

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Rachel said...

I agree! Chris Hoy is terrifying when he's performing at his sport, but, amazingly, a decent human being off the bike. I hadn't heard of this sports personality contest thing before, but I find it exciting how many cyclists there are in the list. We did so well at cycling this year. It makes me feel happy inside every time I think about it!