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Sunday, 2 December 2007

The story of how this term was not like the others

For the first three years in this place, things got better and better, and then this term came, and things weren't quite as good again. I suspected it might happen, with all the people leaving who I talked about in this blog at the end of last term. To that, I can now add that I have spoken from time to time with all of that list except Kaleen and Dave. But I speak less to Sonia, Richard, Chris and Thomas than before too, and moving apart from so many friends at once is a bit painful.

A few years ago I would have said I don't need to tell someone everything. Who needs a best friend? But I often think that I would like to tell someone something I think of, but then can't think of the best person to tell and who would really understand what I am saying.

It took me until about the 7th week of term and a huge work crisis to click myself out of feeling all sorry for myself, and I can blog it now because I am feeling better, and I don't trust myself to write sense unless I am feeling good and rational.

Living in a house has been great though, and the housemates are wonderful. I can quite happily open up to lots of people and say what I think, and the people in the house are great! There is tea practically on tap, and although most people are in bed at a sensible hour there is inevitably someone who wants a long chat at midnight and that is wonderful! I really do feel a lot closer to these people than I have done since the first year, when we met up really often to cook together and things - almost like now! The more I get to know them all, the more wonderful it is.

So is a best friend really necessary? I haven't decided. I'll tell you when I'm eighty years old and I have more experience of the world and how it works.

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Louisa said...

I am glad that we are providing sufficient tea (and sympathy?) for your needs (although to be fair, you end up supplying most of the tea...). I am also a fan of this particular house because of the serious amount of tea, baking and random chat that takes place.

Re: the "best friend" issue - I think it depends. I don't really have one, at least insofar as it means someone whom you tell everything. I like having a group of friends with whom I can have silly conversations and deep conversations and even just experiment with how far we can draw out the word "oolong" (oooooooooooooooooooooooooooolong...). But really personal stuff - that's mine to sort out, and I feel odd expecting anyone else to care about it. I think some people get a lot out of sharing everything, but I know I don't, so that's fine. It would be nice to have an absolute best best friend who you knew would understand everything, but I think that if you ever do find someone like that you have to marry them quickly to make sure they don't go anywhere!

ANYway. I think what I am trying to say is that so long as you feel that there's someone you can talk to if you need to, even if it's different people about different things, then you're probably OK. I guess I'll get back to you when I'm eighty as to whether that worked out or not.

And now I want to bake. Mexican chocolate torte or cheesecake? Or something else?