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Sunday, 25 November 2007

Some clutter

I hear a song and write the lyrics down as I listen so I can read them all at once. But I end up having scraps of paper all over my room with lines from songs that I like, and they cause clutter. And although my room is always full of clutter, it would be better if it wasn't there. So here are a couple, and I'll throw away my scraps of paper.

"Misery comes and lovers go
I lose myself and sometimes I don't know
She says I've always told you so
But I'll stay with you forever
Angel of Sadness"
Angel of Sadness - A Camp

"I'm sorry
Two words I always think
After you're gone
When I realize I was acting all wrong"
So Sorry - Feist

I only wrote down the first one today, the other one I discovered a few months ago, but it's very true to life. Luckily people are usually very forgiving when I 'act all wrong'


andrewthompson said...

I don't imagine that you ever "act all wrong" apart from that one incident when you were playing the lead role in "Hamlet on Ice" and caused Laertes far more injury than intended when you messed up the triple toe-loop on the approach to stabbing him with the stage sword.

Actually, that's not a very good example because on that occasion your acting was impeccable. You did so well to stay in character, even when the ambulance arrived. It's just the skating that caused all the bloodshed. Personally I blame my daughter.

Grinnyguy said...

Well, I still feel a bit guilty about that incident I must admit. Of course, the next year was only slightly better, when I was acting the part of Father Christmas. I'm sure you remember, I parked my sled a little aggressively and toppled into the audience, causing three broken bones and a good dose of whiplash - and that was just the reindeer.
I can see why you blame your daughter though... think of all the mess she's caused over the years...