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Monday, 4 June 2007

Advice #9

Don't pop your clogs

They are liable to stay popped, and they may even snap when you are trying to pop them back. After all, wood is a lot more brittle when it is dried and in clog form, than when it is in a tree.


For your information: the phrase "to pop one's clogs" comes from a time when your clogs were your most important possession, so to "pop" them (meaning to pawn them) is something that only someone on their deathbed would do.

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rakie_love said...

your advice is incredible. at least the advice on the blog. don't plead insanity, you are liable to be incacertated for a long time, and deemed to insane to decide whether you are well enough to leave... it's worse than imprisonment.

good luck with exams and stuff. if all else fails, remember you are the lemon devil.